As we continue to pave our way into the digital era, insurers and customers alike are met with ever-evolving changes to the risk landscape. However, in times of flux, the knowledge and experience of an underwriting agency brings clarity and stability to the claims lifecycle.


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In today’s landscape, collating information to encapsulate the risks at-play is more and more an automated process, yet a task that still requires the detail of the human eye. As digital transformation continues its upward trajectory across the breadth of the industry, there is no greater value to insurers than the know-how and expertise of underwriting agencies. Here’s why.

Future of technology

There isn’t a single industry out there that isn’t in the midst of a digital transformation. From robots that serve food to automated vehicles, there is power in an underwriting agent who is skilled to navigate this ever-changing environment.

As businesses move into this digital era, new technologies, business proceedings and methods of operations are to be expected. However, amid these technological advancements, is a scope of risks that are yet to be identified. While many advanced systems may be smart enough to care for themselves, there is a considerable need for meticulous monitoring of risks in the early stages of new technologies.

Amongst insurers and brokers, there is a mutual agreeance that the capability of underwriting agencies to meticulously identify and assess risks is essential in the transforming years to come. The technology may be self-sufficient, but underwriters can still position themselves as the ones who keep risks at bay.

Liberty to the consumer

Advancements in artificial intelligence (AI), robotic process automation (RPA) and other cognitive computing tools provide the claimant with the liberty to self-serve.

With this liberty comes increased room for error – for example, if a claimant uploads photos in place of the underwriter visiting the location, there may be critical information missed that could assist both the claimant and the insurer. This insight is particularly essential with complex claims, and where underwriters can play a crucial role to ensure minimal claim handling errors.

In establishing a symbiotic relationship that allows for the creation of stronger risk profiles and better claims handling, underwriters can ensure a better outcome, stronger risk analysis and well-rounded coverage.

The value of human touch

The value of a human touchpoint must not be understated in the claims lifecycle. Complex challenges, highly-customised policies and customer satisfaction scores are best served and managed by people – regardless of the advances in technology.  

While it’s true that underwriting agencies will need to remain agile and adapt to the digital era, the value of their experience and judgement to manage portfolios, adapt to changing market conditions, maintain relationships and keep coverage and pricing realistic bears its full weight in today’s landscape.


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